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Evidently, when people want to discover the essence of a culture, they often study the cuisine, especially the street food and the traditional ones. And, in this way, the best way to understand Vietnam — a friendly and natural rich nation — is to know about its most popular dish a.k.a Pho. If you do not have the chance to fly to Vietnam to taste Vietnamese food, you can try authentic Pho whenever you want in some good Vietnamese restaurants in your country, or you can cook simple yet delicious Pho at home.

Particularly, when referring to Vietnam, it would be a total loss not to mention the most famous Vietnamese cuisine: Pho — a unique kind of vermicelli that comes harmoniously with the salty-sweet broth. Vietnamese cuisine can impress everyone with its variety of noodles, fresh vegetables, delicious greens and complex flavors. You can feel all these elements in a bowl of Pho. Pho is a simple noodle soup made with rice noodles, a delicate bone broth, and topped with chopped green onions. Pho is usually served with a plate of fresh greens and regional herbs including fresh mint, basil, and shaved banana flower.
Pho Ever | Vietnamese restaurant in Hales Corners, WI 53130
Welcome to Pho Ever Hales Corners - Pho Vietnamese 53130 | Vietnamese restaurant 53130

There are 7 facts about Vietnamese Pho that might surprise you:

1/ From a strictly linguistic standpoint, Pho refers to the wide flat rice noodles, not the soup itself. But it’s become synonymous with the staple soup served with various meat parts, bean sprouts, lime wedges, the essential greens, and whatever chili sauce and fish sauce you need to doctor up the broth to your liking. While the Pho itself you will be able to eat, you will obviously have to pay attention to the sauces.

2/ The Pho’s recipe may vary depending on each chef’s own creativity. However, in total, the core ingredients for making an unforgettable bowl of Pho are: salty sweet broth that is made from animal bones, Pho (a typical type of vermicelli in Vietnam), a mixture of herbs (basil, mint, cilantro, and onions) and meat.

3/ There is a never ending debate as to whether northern Pho or southern Pho is superior, you’ll have to try them both in a top-notch Pho restaurant and let us know what you think. The northern-style Pho is typically defined by a clear broth whereas the southern-style broth tends to be slightly sweeter, murkier from added sauces, and popping with more herbs and other garnishes.
Pho Ever | Vietnamese restaurant in Hales Corners, WI 53130

4/ There are two kinds of beef as well as two ways of cooking them used in Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup). First, let’s go through the beef types. Overall, both the two types used in Pho Bo are brisket; however, there are the softer one and the “having more fat and tendon” one, which, in Vietnam, are called Nạm and Gầu, respectively. Then, about the cooking ways, there are also two types: well done and underdone. The former means the beef will be cooked before and will be cut into slices when being served. The latter one, however, will only be cooked right after the order is taken. The raw sliced beef, at that time, will be dipped into the boiling broth and served to the culinary enjoyers, which ensures a hottest as well as most attractive bowl of Pho Bo.

5/ Besides Vietnamese Pho Bo, people also love the chicken version (Pho Ga). This is because the salty sweet broth can be made from different animal bones (some chefs use chicken’s, some may use pig’s, it really depends).

6/ Good news for the gluten intolerant people! Rice noodles and Pho broth are gluten free! Rice noodles, as indicated in the name are made from rice, not anything else. Pho is purely made from rice. If you are eating gluten free you can safely eat rice noodles.

7/ Last but not least, the real Vietnamese Pho is quite different from the international version, so do not be surprised if the available toppings are different from what you’re used to.
Pho Ever | Vietnamese restaurant in Hales Corners, WI 53130

Pho Ever Hales Corners
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